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Pittsburgh Polyphony: The Best of 2020

by The 100 Companies
Pittsburgh Polyphony: The Best of 2020

2021 is right around the corner and year-end roundups are filling feeds. Let’s not waste any time.

Here’s some of the best from Pittsburgh Polyphony in 2020:

Benji’s here to brighten your day: He’s also brightened up his future, dropping music with the Spillage Village collective.

• The wacky world of Jack Stauber: Dominating the viral TikTok charts is one of his many specialties.

• A Punchline that still entertains 20 years later: Technically, Punchline graced Pittsburgh Polyphony four days before 2020 started. We’re not going to hold that against them.

Let’s hope 2021 brings us just as much spectacular homegrown music.

– Logan Armstrong, WordWrite

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