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Preventing pesky (and dangerous) pest-borne illnesses

by The 100 Companies

Bug-borne illnesses have increased significantly over the past decade, with most cases relating to flea-and-tick-borne lyme. Southwestern Pennsylvania actually had the most cases statewide in 2018.

Symptoms range and include fever, chills, headaches, sore muscles and nausea. Fortunately, PA Health & Wellness knows some ways to prevent pesky insect illnesses.

Repellent is your best friend: Here’s what to look for in bug spray.

Cover up: Head, knees and toes. Long sleeves and protective hats keep skin safe.

Perform a thorough check before heading inside: Ticks can be especially hard to find.

Mow your lawn: Bugs hide in brush, leaves and unkept lawns.

– Justin Davis, PA Health & Wellness

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