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Pittsburgh’s pothole problem: It could be worse

Pittsburgh pothole problem

Hopefully, few frigid days are ahead of us and we’ll be thawing into spring. It’s a time to sigh in relief – or practice dodging potholes.

It’s no secret that the roads are pockmarked at a pace Public Works can hardly match, but despite appearances, Pittsburgh’s roads aren’t the worst in America.

A report by the research group TRIP doesn’t even include Pittsburgh in the top 20 of major urban areas with the poorest pavement conditions, though 47 percent of our roads were labeled “poor” or “mediocre.”

Regardless of rankings, potholes point to the larger problem of failing U.S. infrastructure.

– Dan Stefano, WordWrite

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Johnson March 24, 2019 - 4:03 am

So many roads in Pittsburgh are so bad it’s become a problem overlooked for too long.
To be able to move forward as a technology city, attract companies as such and move along into the future Pittsburgh has too do something regarding infrastructure. It’s a must!

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