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My middle finger isn’t tired yet

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My middle finger isn't tired yet

The Twitter hashtag #publishingpaidme recently exposed what black writers earn compared to whites.

After winning a National Book Award, Jesmyn Ward received a $100,000 advance for her 2018 novel, “Sing, Unburied Sing” (which also won a National Book Award). In comparison, an unknown white male author’s advance for his 2019 debut: $800,000.

College-educated black women read more than any other demographic, but the industry devalues our stories and voices. It’s gross, disheartening and exhausting for a writer who self-publishes books about black love.

Controlling our narrative by presenting us as wholly flawed, beautiful human beings is an act of defiance.

– Jacinta Howard, Author, Contributing Writer

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Jm July 14, 2020 - 1:50 pm

O please what if I’m a black running back and there’s a white running back and the black guy starts before the white guy and black guy gets paid more cause he’s a starter tell me what the difference is they both play the same position how’s that ,I’m going to tell you please stop the crap on who’s who white black what ever your race stop it .

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