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Haiku for Yinzers’ winter blues

winter haiku

Believe it or not, amid the polar vortexes, snow and wind, winter’s grasp has us feeling poetic.

We tried our hand at writing some Pittsburgh winter-themed haiku, and we’d love to hear yours. Tweet us your haiku at @Pittsburgh100_.

Mister Rogers is
Judging you for moving your
Neighbor’s parking chair.

Any of yinz guys
Lose your sanity to this
Year’s polar vortex?

Slippy or sunny,
Either way jags drive crazy
On Route 28.

My head aches because
It was snowing yesterday
Now it is sixty.

Rest in peace the tires
I lost to all the potholes
Driving the parkway.

– Morgan McCoy, WordWrite Communications

Does anyone else
Think Bill Peduto’s beard is
Hiding all the salt?

Toilet paper, milk
Eggs and white bread and Turner’s
Who wants a dippy?

Thinking summer thoughts:
Stillers, Buccos, Kennywood’s
Potato Patch fries.

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