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Books set in the ‘Burgh

by The 100 Companies

There are lots of Pittsburgh-based movies, but how often do you read stories set in our town? Below are three books that take place here in the Steel City:

• “An American Childhood” – This memoir written by Annie Dillard takes readers through the author’s unconventional, adventure-filled upbringing in 1950s Pittsburgh.

• “Tomorrow and Tomorrow” – Tom Sweterlitsch’s dystopian novel explores the Archive, a virtual reconstruction of Pittsburgh’s buildings, landmarks and people.

• “The Ambulance Chaser” – If you love thrillers as much as I do, you might love Brian Cuban’s gripping tale of a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer who ends up going on the run.

– Maggie Medoff, WordWrite

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sam February 18, 2022 - 8:09 pm

im currently reading tomorrow and tomorrow and it is prime time PGH

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